Don's Ruston Market & Deli l.l.c.
Monday - Friday 7am- 6pm
Saturday  - Sunday 10am - 5pm

Home of the 1940's Soda Fountain!
& so much more...
5102 N. Winnifred St. Ruston, WA 98407    253-759-8151 

Join with friends to kick back, relax and play a challenging game of checkers while filling up with the "Best Burgers, Sandwiches and Fountain Treats"  you will find for miles around.  When you're fully fueled enjoy a stroll through our charming town and quaint shops. 
....find time to scroll through our other "pages " and see that we are truly FULL SERVICE.
     On our KAYAK RENTAL page you will find info for a day of kayaking the beautiful Commencement Bay ~ combine that with a lunch from the market and you're set!
     The next page will be a little boring yet no less important!  Having been in our community for so many years (since 1983) we know that people need a NOTARY PUBLIC from time to time....see told you ~ boring...unless it's your marriage application!

So stop in ~ we look forward to meeting you and learning your name!!
Don and Beth Torbet ~ proprietors
"...this place truly is a throw-back in time complete with counter bar stools and mom & pop owners..."
Carolyn Price, publisher of Outdoors NW
(2012 Nov/Dec edition)
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